Monday, October 10, 2016

Mr. Trump's Respect for Women

The actions and reactions to Mr. Trump and his leaked video have been on my mind a lot this last week. I’ve been thanking God the last few days that I am not as idealistically beautiful as I would like to be. I know those I care about most love me just the way I am, and who knows but that I’ve avoided unwanted advances from undisciplined men.
In his "apology," Mr. Trump mentions that American is a land of second chances, implying he somehow deserves one. 
He will deserve it when he earns it. 
I think there are two conditions by which we can know when someone has changed his ways: owning up to his offense, which includes admitting how wrong it was, and changing their ways. Time has nothing to do with it.  A weekend of woeful regret has more power to reform character than a decade of repeated offenses. Brushing off your mistakes by saying that others have done worse is not owning up to your mistakes. 

Being forgiven is not the same as being given trust. A pedophile released from jail should never be considered as superintendent for a school district. There are too many temptations. A sex offender should never be considered as president of our wonderful country. There are many, many good people in this country. We’re not that desperate.

The President of the United States is a world leader in human rights. A sex offender is not a leader in human rights, but in human wrongs. I’m not saying people like that can’t be leaders. They have been. Look at Henry the Eighth. 

Were Mr. Trump’s words a blanket insult against womankind? Yes, but I think his apology is an insult against civilized men. He has claimed time and again, with varying phrasing, that "Nobody respects women more than I do." CNN has a list here. To me, this implies that the average American man goes around sexually harassing, assaulting, and attempting to rape women, and Mr. Trump simply does that less frequently. As the sister to five brothers, mother to four boys, wife, daughter, and community member, I find that insinuation nearly as insulting as his worldview of women seems to be.

I'm proud of America, and in many ways, proud of what it has become. I seek a president who can lead us into the future, not the dark ages. I cannot support a candidate who completely lacks respect for American men and women--for American morals. My daughter is worth more than that. We all are.